Adrien Moignard Trio

Sunday, September 23rd @ 3:00pm

Adrien Moignard 1.jpg

With the exciting growth of Gypsy Jazz worldwide, inevitably
there come the great new players. A brewing hot spot for this
growth has been, and always will be, Paris, France. In the
direct bulls-eye center of this energy vortex sits Adrien Moignard.
Moignard began playing the guitar at age 12. After exploring
blues & rock, he discovered Django Reinhardt’s music and
American jazz. He is now one of the most sought after
guitarists in the modern Gypsy Jazz and swing scene.
He is a member of two highly regarded Parisian bands: the
Zaiti Ensemble and Selmer #607. Both bands consist of some
of the top Parisian and French players in the Manouche or
Gypsy Jazz genre today.