EVM All Stars

Friday, September 21th @ 3:00 p.m.

A Whidbey native, Eric Vanderbilt-Mathews has been coming to DFNW as a fan since the beginning.  He started on violin at age four, switched to piano a year later, and then picked up clarinet and saxophone in middle school.  Since then, Eric has focused on classical and jazz studies in high school and at the University of Washington, deciding on saxophone as his primary focus. 

Over the past several years he would join the jams at DFNW, strengthening his improvisational skills.  In 2016, Eric had his first chance to perform in the festival as a sideman with Ranger and the Re-Arrangers and the Hot Club of Troy.   For the past two years he was asked to perform as a leader, so he set forth to assemble an all star band of epic players from across the continent.  Blending the compositional influence, solidity of groove, and swing feel of Django Reinhardt and Louis Armstrong with the harmonic and lyrical freedom of contemporary improvised music, the EVM All-Stars attempt to pay homage to the great jazz tradition.