Hot Club Sandwich

Wednesday, September 20th @ 8:00 p.m.

More than fifteen years ago, hot-jazz string band Hot Club Sandwich was founded in Olympia, WA.  With two guitars, bass, violin, mandolin, and drums, each band member is also a contributing composer and arranger, and everyone in the band sings.  The forthcoming fifth Hot Club Sandwich recording No Pressure features a title track by the group’s 74-year-old guitarist Ray Wood and a guest appearance by mandolinist David Grisman.  As the name suggests, the Hot Club Sandwich repertoire carries a reverence for Gypsy Jazz along with folkloric influences from around the world that flourished during the same era.   In some cases, the band has been known to venture into Western twang territory, including in collaboration with the late legend Dan Hicks.

Kevin Connor - Guitar
Joseph Mascorella - Drums
James Schneider - Bass
Matt Sircely -  Mandolin
Tim Wetmiller - Violin
Ray Wood - Guitar