Michael-Paul Gurulé - Sax
Zach Zenovic - Guitar
David Campbell - Guitar
Sara Yates - Bass

Based in Bellingham, WA, between Seattle Vancouver BC, Nuages is the product of a passion for jazz inspired by Django Reinhardt, the father of Gypsy (Manouche) Jazz. The quartet continues to build on this elegant style of jazz that is noted for blending an Eastern European Gypsy flavor with a traditional swing sound.  Founded in 2011, the group pays homages to Django by performing several of his compositions, but deviates from the traditional hot club quintet by incorporating saxophone with guitars and bass.  Nuages combines both traditional and modern jazz concepts in their music, including Reinhardt’s works as well as material from the Modern Jazz Quartet, Van Morrison, and their own original compositions. The sound includes Hot Swing, French Chanteuse, Brazilian Samba and elements of West Coast Cool. Nuages can be heard their our home town of Bellingham and the surrounding community most times of the year.