Ranger Sciacca - violin
Mick Nicholson - bass
Jeffrey Moose - percussion
Dave Stewart - mandolin
Michael Sciacca - rhythm guitar
SPECIAL GUEST: Eric Vanderbilt-Mathews - clarinet & saxophone

Returning for their second DjangoFest NW performance, Ranger and the band have a diverse show planned! Get ready for a high-energy rhythm section and thrilling solos on at least 5 different instruments--plus a few fun vocal numbers mixed in!

Violin -- At the heart of their sound is Ranger's sweet violin playing. Ranger divided his studies between old-time fiddle and classical improvisation—until a chance encounter with a CD of violin jazz ignited his interest in Django and Grappelli! Ranger’s playing draws from all the genres he has studied, and according to one reviewer, “features frantic staccato runs and an overall sense of tone that reveals many shades and moods.”

Mandolin -- Dave Stewart performs on the 5-string electric mandolin, tenor guitar, and traditional mandolin. He's also a tremendous vocalist, lending his silky smooth voice to swing standards!

Bass -- Mick Nicholson played for 11 years with the US Navy Band in Washington, D.C. He has toured extensively throughout the world, and performed for three sitting presidents and countless heads of state.

Percussion -- Born in Mexico and raised in West Africa, Jeffrey Moose is loved by fans for his creative, high-energy percussion, and playful vocal performances.

Rhythm Guitar -- Mike Sciacca is Ranger's father. Together, they formed the band in 2006, inspired by a trip to the Django Reinhardt festival in Samois-sur-Seine, France.

SPECIAL GUEST -- Eric Vanderbilt-Mathews

Ranger and the “Re-Arrangers” first met Eric right here at DjangoFest NW in 2011, where they were electrified by his clarinet playing at the after-hours jams. The Whidbey Island native has attended the festival for 15 years, and volunteered for the past five years--he's excited to appear for the first time as a performer! Eric has a degree in Jazz Saxophone Performance and has won national awards, including Outstanding Soloist at the Lionel Hampton festival.