The Rosenbergs

Friday, September 22nd @ 8:00 p.m.

This supremely talented young generation from the Rosenberg family brings the repertoire of Django Reinhardt, jazz standards, and vocal jazz at its best!  Besides the Django and Gypsy Swing repertoire, the Rosenbergs explore modern jazz as well, and have performed for several consecutive years at the prestigious Dutch ‘Edison Jazz Awards’, and toured with master pianist Rob van Bavel and the great vibraphonist Frits Landesbergen.


Mozes Rosenberg

the master lead guitarist of the trio is the younger brother of Stochelo of the The Rosenberg Trio.  He has played numerous international concerts with the Rosenbergs and the Rosenberg Trio.


Johnny Rosenberg

is the rhythm guitarist and singer of the trio.  At an early age, Johnny toured with Jimmy Rosenberg (‘The Gipsy Kids’ and ‘Sinti’) throughout Europe and in the USA as a supporting act for James Brown and Mariah Carrey.

Arnoud van den Berg

is the bassist, filling in for cousin Sani who won't get on an airplane.   A steady member of the Robin Nolan Trio, he has also accompanied Jimmy Rosenberg, Mozes Rosenberg, Fapi Lafertin, Paulus Schäfer, and Olli Soikkeli, recording and travelling the world nonstop playing concerts.