Dafne Holtland - piano, ukulele, vocals
Margriet Planting - cello, mandolin, vocals
Sabien Bosselaar - accordion, piano, vocals

Zazi is an exciting band of three women musicians from the Netherlands. Their repertoire consists of songs from around the world, which are often sung in close harmony. Their arrangements range from well-known songs of famous musicians such as Edith Piaff, Jacques Brel, and Astor Piazzolla, to popular singers in the Netherlands.

Their combination of instruments (cello, piano and accordion) provided a unique lineup for implementing the French chanson. They wrote under the name "La Gaîté" (the joy) for the Concours de la Chanson Alliance Française in 2009 and won first place in the competition. The jury described the trio as "fresh, fun, humorous and also great musicians." After this victory, they decided to continue their music and started writing more original songs and performing throughout the Netherlands. Zazi’s music is a delight to all and a very special addition to the DjangoFest lineup.